A recent carjacking in Shreveport Louisiana had mother Natasha Humphrey in a panic when her 2 sons were kidnapped along with her vehicle on Friday, October 21. The carjacking occurred as she was talking to someone in the local Shreveport Walmart parking lot, and a 15year old boy quickly jumped into the driver seat of her car and took off with her 2 children(ages 1 and 7). Immediately after her children were taken, Humphrey quickly called local Shreveport Police to report the incident.


After the Kidnapping a City-Wide Search Began:

Soon after the report of the carjacking was made, the Shreveport Police immediately initiated a complete City-Wide search for the stolen vehicle. After a brief chase, they caught up with the suspect who had ditched the vehicle in an attempt to get away on foot. Police then discovered the vehicle nearby, but the 2 children were not inside. As you can imagine, their mother was terrified when she learned that her kids had not been found along with the vehicle. “The moment they told us our kids weren’t in the car, I felt like my life was just ripped away,” stated the father of the 2 young boys.

The thought of a kidnapper take their kids and do something horrible to them is every parent’s nightmare. Luckily for Natasha Humphrey, and James Loftin(father of the 2 boys), their 2 sons were found unharmed later that day at an abandoned house. Humphry noted that her 7-year-old was a bit shaken up after the incident.

Humphry ironically had to make another trip to the same Shreveport Wal-Mart 2 days later to replace items that had apparently been stolen. She was very nervous when pulling in, and mentioned that she had flashbacks of the kidnapping.

What was the Motive?

It’s pretty hard to imagine why a 15-year-old teen would get the bright idea of stealing a car with 2 kids in it. Did he plan on trying to sell the car, or was he just after the retail goods that were in it? Then again, maybe he just wanted to take the vehicle for a joy ride and didn’t realize the 2 children were inside. Whatever the case, the suspect is now facing 2 charges of kidnapping for his shortsighted decision to steal the vehicle.

It’s important to realize that most US kidnapping stories tend to conclude with much more depressing endings. According to the NCMEC, over 50,000 children are kidnapped every year(by non-relatives) in the US, and most of the kidnappers harbor sexual or violent motives. With those alarming statistics in mind, parents might want to think twice about leaving your kids in the car when you go to the store.

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