Three former employees who used to work in a hospital situated in Pembroke Pines, Florida have been accused of attacking and beating up an impaired patient. The three have been identified as Romondo Dean Ivey aged 34, Mark Anthony Hansen aged 54 and Osagboro Khalid Sameem aged 47.The three who used to work for the South Florida State Hospital, are accused of committing the crime on 7th June, 2014. At the time of the crime, the patient who was identified as C.S was 25 years old. The patient had been diagnosed with mental retardation and schizophrenia, among other disorders.

The patient allegedly attacked the trio’s female workmate, prompting the three to take control of him. Despite this attack, the female member of staff did not lodge complaints and seek prosecution of the patient after being attacked. This is according to records of the police at Pembroke Pines. A witness who had been called to testify in the case said that after the female staffer had left, Ivey attacked the patient with a janitor’s broomstick which he had broken into two. All this, he did in the presence of the other two according to police reports. After the attack, Ivey allegedly asked Hansen whether he thought he had been caught on camera beating up C.S. On the other hand, Hansen grabbed a bottle containing a cleaning solution and sprayed it on the patient’s face and eyes. This caused the patient to scream. On top of this C.S was attacked by another patient who beat him up.

Video footages presented in court, show the trio and the other patient entering the day where C.S was. Ivey was caught on camera footage taking the broomstick. After a few minutes the men left the room this time, Ivey returned the broom stick in two pieces with the brush missing. Video Footages show C.S leaving the room later. He was struggling to walk and used a wall to support himself. He held a towel that contained blood. His face was swollen and red an indication of an attack. He also had minor bleedings. According to Medical reports that the police obtained list his injuries as swollen ears, nasal bones that had been fractured and scratches on his forehead and face.

C.S told one of the hospital’s psychiatrists that staff who wore blue uniform had assaulted him. He said that they had hit him with sticks. Apart from the three, he was also attacked by other patients. He went on to add that he was not in a position to pick out his attackers.

C.S however told an investigator that he had been hit by Ivey. Ivey however denied the allegations, according to documents before the court.

According to the charge sheet, the state attorney has charged the three with the count of abusing and attacking a mentally ill adult patient. They accused them of intentionally inflicting psychological and physical injury on the patient by beating him up, kicking him and spraying him with a cleaning agent.

The State Hospital’s operators have in a statement denounced their former employees and have added on to say that they were last employed in 2014.

Sameem who is currently out on a $3,500 bond has filed a plea of not guilty. Hansen is also out on a similar bond. Ivey, was presented in a bond court the Judge Michael Davis stated that his case was serious and was a serious offense. The judge ordered a $15,000 bond for his release.

This really seems like these guys took the beating way too far and it got our of hand quickly. I mean the fact that other patients were apparently beating on him as well is just insane. It’s understandable that the 3 employees were irritated by the patient’s actions however, it is a mental hospital meaning the patient was most likely crazy and has a hard time controlling his actions. When you take a job like that you’re supposed to be prepared for the worse and be able to deal with tough situations.

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