The Illuminati also referred to as the New World Order is believed to be a cult that was started very many centuries ago and has been running the political game since it was formed. Theorists believe that people in this cult make certain signs with their hands to identify themselves and to pledge their allegiance to the group. Many successful people in politics and the entertainment industry have been accused of being a part of this cult. Conspiracists have reason to believe that Donald Trump has a connection with this alleged organization.


Conspiracy Zone is one of the groups that strongly believe Donald Trump is part of the cult. One of the evidence they have to support their claim is the fact that Donald Trump uses the hand symbols associated with the cult. According to Conspiracy Zone, this is a way for him to show his allegiance to the organization. They also added that the new US president is a mind controller; a characteristic they believe might get him killed like Kennedy. They believe that Kennedy was part of the cult but was killed for speaking out of line; something Donald Trump clearly has no control over.

However, Conspiracy Zone aren’t the only ones who claim Donald Trump is part of the New World Order. In September last year, Gregory and Janis Kaighn took the issue to court. They filed a lawsuit claiming that he was unfit to be president due to his involvement in the cult. They even went ahead to claim that Trump had been involved in a secret dictatorship that was developed by Teddy Roosevelt with the intention to rig the 2016 election.

The other evidence that has been used to support Trump’s involvement with Illuminati is an alleged email he apparently sent to one of the people he has been controlling. In the email, the person being controlled narrates how Trump went to his house twice with an MIW accompanied by the police and took him to a psychiatric hospital. According to te email, Trump wanted the neighbors to see how easily he could control the person.

Others believe his wealth is also a good evidence. This is because most members of the New World Order are believed to be very wealthy. However, this does not prove tat Donald Trump is part of the cult. If it is, then it would mean that every wealthy person is a part of the cult

All in all, all these theories started coming up when Trump won the election. It is not a secret that a lot of people are not happy that Trump won the 2016 election. A lot of people are trying to find proof that he cheated his way into the white house. These conspiracies about him being part of a cult are people’s ways to find a justification that Trump doesn’t deserve to be president. Otherwise, if people really thought he was part of the New World Order, the claims would have started a long time ago since he has been wealthy for a long time and has always had a very strong personality.

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